About The Living Stones Foundation for Continuing Education

Founded by a dream and vision of our Spiritual Leader and President Dr. A. B. Sutton Jr. the current pastor at Living Stones Temple Church in Fultondale Alabama. The Living Stones Foundation for Continuing Education is a 501c3 foundation that provides Starter Scholarships, College and Career Funding and even Full Scholarships as well as Internships and apprenticeships.

Meet the Staff

Dr. A. B. Sutton Jr. – President
Greg Powell – President’s Assistant
Remus Daniel – Treasurer
Paul Mullin – Marketing Director

Where raw stones become God’s Temple.”

Peter  alluded to our being living stones in faith:  The  Living Stones Cornerstone Foundation for Continuing Education is dedicated to helping individuals in financial need through a scholarship program for members of Living Stones Temple , who are continuing their education in either college, Trade School or an apprentice program. Our goal is to help deserving individuals within our congregation: Applicants need to have demonstrated academic achievement in High School “B” or better grades and have a history stewardship in our church.  We want to help these individuals achieve their career goals, an objective which has the added benefit of solidifying our foundation with more enlightened and effective members, but also bettering the community at large. In short, our goal is to insure that no deserving scholar in our church will be deprived of higher education because of a shortage of funds.