Back to School Rally

We are excited to Kick off the new school year with our Annual Back to School Rally, hosted by Living Stones Foundation for Continuing Education! This event will provide students and their parents access to tools, information and resources they need to have a successful academic year and lower the financial burden of buying supplies for your child! Come pick up your back pack and school supplies by visiting us on site of the vent and stay awhile and enjoy activities on the day with us! Here are the details of the event below we hope to see you there!

Location: Railroad Park, Birmingham, Alabama
When: July 29th, 2017
Times: 10am til 2pm cst

If you would like to make a donation to this event cash donations will be accepted on site, as well as if you’d like to provide a donation via debit or credit card, please use the form below and pay using our PayPal Donation Portal. You can choose for a one time donation or a monthly recurring donate as well. By making a donation you’re helping to purchase not only the back packs and school supplies for the needing families, but as well as if you can provide a monthly donation that will help sustain a donation event in the future! Will you join us and be a sponsor?

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Our 2017 Back to School Rally Was a success!

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