Living Stones Foundation for Continuing Education provides programs that offer scholarship opportunities to students through private foundation and outsourced funding resources. Students in grades 9th to 11th grade have the opportunity to apply for a scholarship to attend a pre-college summer program on a college campus. High school seniors have an opportunity to apply for a scholarship for college. We offer full and partial academic scholarships to qualified accredited colleges from trade schools, 2 year Junior Colleges to 4-year University’s and College’s across the nation.

Summer Program Scholarship helps to assist 9th to 11th graders to attend an academic enrichment or (pre-college) program on college campuses throughout the United States. This program allows for local students to have a college experience by taking classes, living in residence halls and interacting with students from other parts of the nation and world. If you’re interested contact us today to learn more about this program and find out what the deadlines are.

For the High school seniors, a college scholarship can give assistance to help a senior kick off his college career. Of course, this is also available to 9th through 12th grade students applying to an academic enrichment program offered on a college campus’s nationwide.¬†Yes, there are scholarships and financial aid programs to help you attend college, we can help guide you to these programs as well as help you reach your dream of going to college. Contact us today learn more about how to apply.

Non-qualifying students entering into the program will attend a preparation program to assist them in studying for the ACT and SAT College Testing as well as help guide them in the admissions process and answer any questions toward financial, scheduling, preparation for and assistance in higher education selection and trade selection. Once this program has been completed they will qualify to enter into the Scholarship Program.

One of the prerequisites scholarship program is for the student to be enrolled or accepted to a trade, college or university school and the qualifying student desiring to have financial assistance must be currently pursuing a license/certification in a qualified pursuant of his craft in one of the schools.